So do you too only use the name of Jesus when you curse?

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Now tell me also as why the name JESUS CHRIST now presented and exalted in the KJV Authorized 1611 English  Bible, New Testament  is one of  the most attacked name in all of  society? 
Why is it the  name JESUS CHRIST the most degraded and spat upon name around the world, uttered as a malignant byword by millions, over and over again, every single day? 
Why don’t you hear the name of another supposed god being continually down graded? 
Why is not the name Yahweh or Yah  rather being cursed, consciously or unconsciously, by too many of the worlds masses?
Because Jesus’ name is the most precious name in heaven and earth, and should be treasured above all names, as the only name behind the Person who rendered Satan powerless and broke the chains of sin and death.  Satan and his followers hate the name…

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